Pearl Harbor: Anatomy of a Catastrophe

Not yet had chance to read, certainly will do, but i’m looking forward to the experience

Bob Mayer

PearlHarbor_TN copyToday marks the 73rd Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

While most people focus on the ‘surprise’ element of the attack, the reality is that the cascade events leading up to it were a mixed bag of obvious, and worse, miscalculations.  Both the Americans and the Japanese military seriously misjudged each other’s intentions and war plans.

In light of this anniversary, I’ve pulled the event and made it a .99 special on Kindle (free is you have Kindle Unlimited).  It’s short, but lists the six key cascade events that led up to seventh event, the actual attack.  This follows my Rule of Seven, where every catastrophe involving humans doesn’t occur in isolation.  There are always at least six cascade events leading up to the catastrophe and at least one (if not all) involved human error.  Thus many catastrophes can be avoided.

For Pearl Harbor, the six cascade events…

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