Chris Lakin Book Blogs

Always wanted to create a web site that helped both writers and the reading public, i think i have found a way to do that;
IF i reblog all the writers that join me and offer the site to prospective readers who are looking for their favourit writers, that in tern would help everyone, Yes!


5 thoughts on “Chris Lakin Book Blogs

  1. you can do both Chris, and all on the same site, I write blogs on a blog roll page on my website and would do a guest blog promoting your books if you want and especially if they are available from any of my bookstores (I have 13 stores). and any of your other authors can do guest blogs too!


  2. I’m not sure what you juli about because you live Ar your not a amazon affiliate, i thought everyone i US was a amazon lover, am i wrong? i would love you to promote my books but because it’s on kindle lending library for ninety days it can’t be sold anywhere else, when that is up we can talk again.


    1. For tax reasons there are several states Amazon won’t deal with and from what I hear at WA there have been some problems with being an affiliate at Amazon, so I have Best Buy so I can offer the Kindle and enough other affiliations to keep things going….I would love to work something out with you in time…thanks Chris


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