New friends and animals

We have recently taken on a small rescue dog from Dogs trust at Loughborough, i can not recommend those young people enough, They are so professional and helpful, not only do they understand dogs to a higher degree than i have ever known, they pass on there information in an understandable way, to make us all have an insight to a dogs nature.

We were not really searching for a dog until my friend mentioned they had too many and would be considering letting one of them go, at first we took this as a joke, they are real animal lovers and not the type to give up.

After some consideration on our part we broached the subject only to find it was a passing comment, not serious at all, but we then had a bug, an unscratchable itch for a loving pet in our new house, so setting about finding the right one, we checked the internet, dogs trust, p.d.s.a and a few others.

Our first visit to dogs trust we found a lovable little 4 yr old  pug cross called Freya, unfortunately she was already reserved for another couple. Out of our reach, we thought, until one Friday morning about three weeks ago, a phone call to say that the previous couple had dropped out and were we still interested.

In the words of a famous dog “Oh Yes” we jumped in the car and shot off like a bullit, as fast as the speed limit would allow to the wonderful site at Whymeswold, We were shown around and eventually met Freya, we fell in love with her straight away, she is very frightened, and skittish she just needs a lot of love and attention, she has been bred heavily, more or less a breeding machine, never seen the inside of a house, has no idea how to have fun and play, in short just for money! sickening isn’t it.

After several visits to whymeswold we had a new aspect of dog care, thanks to those brilliant individuals at Dogs trust, they really know their stuff, We have a beautiful little puppy, giving us so much pleasure and in return we give her a loving and comfortable home, i still think we win.


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